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 Rules of Thumb

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PostSubject: Rules of Thumb   Rules of Thumb Icon_minitimeSun Jan 23, 2011 7:40 pm

We do not have many rules but the ones we do have are very important.

1. Respect and listen to the leader, second in command, and officers, and they will respect you; Although our kin is friendly and much like a family, the higher ups do need to be given credit and not ignored. And as goes they also need to be reported if you think they are not doing their duties or are causing problems.

2. Do not steal from the kin.; PLEASE do not do this. The kin chests as well as members chests in their houses are provided to help the kin. It is not appreciated if one steals everything like a greedy little *ahem* and does not share with fellow kin mates. It is taken very seriously if you do choose to be unfair.

3. Be helpful to one another; This is a major in the kin. Help each other with quests, with crafting, with items they may need. Check to see if someone needs a new sword, or armour their level. Party with kin members, skirmish with them, have fun, it is what we are here for!

4. Recruit like crazy; Even though it is mainly an officer job, everyone is welcomed and encouraged to recruit as much as possible.

( That is all for now, more may be added later.)
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Rules of Thumb
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