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 Yet another... yep! KIN PAPARARTY!

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PostSubject: Yet another... yep! KIN PAPARARTY!   Thu May 26, 2011 2:26 pm

Come one, come all, and help celebrate many different things.
First off, date and time!

I would like to set it for Sat June 4th (two Saturdays from now) @ the usual time, which is around 8 pm Eastern (5 pm Pacific).
Also, as usual, there will be drinks, smokes, maybe eats... depending on who the cooks are!... battle tournaments and the like.
New to the Kin Party will be... yes!... Kin Raids!! Bring your level 65s for a chance to train in the many raids that are available. Our 65s all need improving, new shiny armor, or sparkling jewellry and what about the never-ending desire for more skirmish marks!

On a more official note, the boss and I hope to prepare and unveil the freshly printed, just off the press, Kin Rules which must be obeyed without fail, or risk certain death!
We would really like to see as many officers as possible attend, so that we can consider officer nomination and election, if possible, afterwards (or during, depending on the mood and the time).

Once more, thanks much to everyone for your support, thanks to Nrel for his faith in me, and let's have fun.
Suggestions on different time and date will be appreciated if the above is not going to work for some or most.
Suggestions on Kin games or other activities during the party are certainly welcome.
Suggestions on what Kin outfit we should model will also be well received and... possibly... rewarded!
Finally, suggestions on how we can finally get rid of Nrel as the leader of the kin...

will be met with sword, spear, axe, bow, club, javelin and hobbit dagger through the intestine!
Fair warning. Very Happy

ELDARESTALO: 65 Minstrel, Woodsman [SM Woodworker, SM Forester, SM Farmer] - Kinsman Woodworkers Guild
STRANTON: 55 Champion, Armorer [SM Metalsmith, SM Tailor, SM Prospector]
HAMMARR: 41 Guardian, Tinker [SM Jeweller, SM Cook, S Prospector]
VERIANDIL: 42 Hunter, Historian [SM Scholar, MA Weapnsmith, A Farmer]
ELDARENYA: 29 Captain, Explorer [J Prospector, J Forestor, A Tailor]

Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo. "A star shines upon the hour of our meeting."

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PostSubject: Re: Yet another... yep! KIN PAPARARTY!   Thu May 26, 2011 4:27 pm

I said to Eldar on day one: this job will test you... And how much you want to be a part in one of the fastest and more popular kins in areknstone... As you all can see, he has exceeded my expectations. This party is to celebrate many things, but chiefly it's to celebrate our achievents as a kin as we head into what will be the biggest challenge for us and all, this summer! First, I want to congratulate Eldar on his impending doom, getting married Wink. Good luck my friend, and may the valar watch over you! Secondly, we celebrate the ability of this kin to grow to a poInt where we can instance and raid! Third, to celebrate all our officers and their contriubutations to the kin! Fourth, and our most important, we come together to celebrate you, the members! BEcause without you, there is no kin

There is something to be said for such an event, and that is: amazing.

See you all in the game!


Nreldrad (65 Warden, SM Guilded Woodsman), Nreldir (65 Hunter, SM Guilded Tailor), Nrelaran (65 RuneKeeper, SM Guilded Jeweler), Nrelden (57 Burglar SM Guilded Cook), Nreldimir (37 Captain, SM Ally Armourer), Nreladan (14 Champion, SM Guilded Weaponsmith)

BTW, This guy's Crafting is Sm Woodworker, and S Forester, idk why it says that -_-
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PostSubject: Re: Yet another... yep! KIN PAPARARTY!   Thu May 26, 2011 10:31 pm

well if i can come i will be there.... and if i am on another toon nrel can im me Wink

P.S. cant wait to see this rule set...... ill have to find a good way to break em Twisted Evil
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PostSubject: Re: Yet another... yep! KIN PAPARARTY!   

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Yet another... yep! KIN PAPARARTY!
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