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PostSubject: The Hunter...   The Hunter... Icon_minitimeThu Jan 27, 2011 1:08 am

I moved this topic so it would make more sense in where it was and easier to find ;D Damoc, would you mind moving yours too?

As most, or all may have already guessed, the Hunter is a super DPS monger who just pwns all, when they don't get to ya!

The hunter is meant to deal damage with the bow at range, and can put out a astronomical amount of DPS, but, especially when in a fellowship/raid instance/skirmish, watch how much you are putting out because a hunter is squishy, they cannot handle damage like your tank can!

When soloing the hunter is by far the easiest class besides an RK in my opinion, because of their damage. With a hunter you always want to keep your bow as up to date as possible, making sure it's always best of the best ;D

Hunters use medium armour, and also they use bows/crossbows and a variety of one-handed weapons, and usually in terms of crafts are generally seen as a woodsman, but an explorer styled tailor is also a very good idea for craft vocations...

For stacking certain stats, you want to mostly stack Vitality, Will, Fate, and Agility... Mostly Vitality and Agility, because of Hunter squishiness and that ranged damage is managed by agility ;D Might is completely useless for a hunter unless you can magically change your hunter to a super tank that deals huge DPS and can still have close to 9000 morale ;D

In conclusion, the Hunter is a great class for soloing, and vital for groups as well when requiring a DPS class, but be vigilant on how much DPS you are putting out. Make sure that your bow is the most up-to-date thing you have equipped, and also watch what you stack ;D

Nreldir Rautamorë

Edit 1: Hunters have a cure poison ability that is vital for certain instances at lvl 65, so keep that in mind ;D

Nreldrad (65 Warden, SM Guilded Woodsman), Nreldir (65 Hunter, SM Guilded Tailor), Nrelaran (65 RuneKeeper, SM Guilded Jeweler), Nrelden (57 Burglar SM Guilded Cook), Nreldimir (37 Captain, SM Ally Armourer), Nreladan (14 Champion, SM Guilded Weaponsmith)
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BTW, This guy's Crafting is Sm Woodworker, and S Forester, idk why it says that -_-
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PostSubject: Re: The Hunter...   The Hunter... Icon_minitimeThu Mar 17, 2011 11:42 am

Just wanted to add a little advanced strategy that I use, please feel free to comment/deconstruct if you wish.

I always keep a bow/crossbow that raises precision for soloing and one that reduces threat for fellowing in my inventory, along with two hunter books, one for reducing skill cost (solo) and for reducing threat (fellowship). Link those two with the ability to switch stances between precision and stealth, you basically have three places to quickly reduce threat considerably when fellowing (although at the expense of precision and skill costs, so watch your power!). Once I enter a fellowship for an instance/skirm, I just switch bows, switch hunter books and switch stance for a stealthy high DPS hunter.

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