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 The Rune-Keeper

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PostSubject: Re: The Rune-Keeper   The Rune-Keeper Icon_minitimeThu Jan 27, 2011 10:35 am

The Rune keeper Costs 795 TP. It is a class full of surprises, considering they aren't bad soloers but it can be stressful and even though I do it, I don't recommend it.
When starting out you get a bar The Rune-Keeper 1277824074_149_FT5101_screenshot00000-1
{ To adjust the size of this bar go to;
- UI Settings
- Adjust 'class ability bars' and 'tool bar' if needed.}

This bar will be your best and worst friend. Not only does it give you power, but it equally takes it away. This is what they were talking about when they said " You must choose to heal or do damage" You will definately need to learn how to choose wisely and when to choose what. In skirmishes with others, instances you will more than likely be a healer. But do not be the only healer, you heals are over time heals and cannot possibly support a while group on your own. When soloing (especially against elites) I suggest summoning your rune stone, attacking the mob(s) and when one comes close you first K.O. that one with The Rune-Keeper Screenshot00089o-2. Then turn to the next one attacking you and get it to about half health then use The Rune-Keeper Screenshot00089o-1 to attempt a K.O., and finish it off from there. Now you can return to the one who you first K.O., he's probably knocking on your door now anyway considering you have 5-10 seconds to finish the first one before he awakes. If during the battle you need a little help on health, cast The Rune-Keeper 1277824074_149_FT5101_screenshot00000-2-1 on yourself because it is always ready no matter how high into your rings the dmg category of your bar is. If you solo ALWAYS carry food with you.

What else is there about this class? Well personally I find it to be one of the most fun. But you are squishy dispite your soloing abilities. So try not to tank when with damage dealers. To avoid this don't bother summing your rune stone, it just pulls aggro.

About crafts for this class? I suggest explorer, scholar, or farmer/cook.

Best duo buddy? Champs, Guards, Wardens are good to go with a RK.

How to level quickly with a RK? Well if you are a poor person who is not VIP (Like me~) I say skirmish at least once every day, get the bonus it will help SO much. You do not need a partner to skirmish, I have a healer as my skirmish NPC person. That way I can be all dmg.

Is the class worth the money? Absolutely yes.

(Might add more later.. can't think of anything else for now.)
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The Rune-Keeper
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