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 Kin Auctions

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PostSubject: Kin Auctions   Kin Auctions Icon_minitimeWed Feb 02, 2011 2:49 pm

Well, I mentioned it in the other thread but here's what's up.

I cleaned out my bank/accounts of extra or lower level ( sort of ) crafting mats, unrefined materials, recipes, and crit items and listed them all for Auction to the Kin ONLY.

To see these items, just check the Kin Only check box when searching and don't type anything into the search field. As of right now, there are 30 items listed... Nearly all of them are cheaper than the pawn value for those items. I'm not doing this to make money for myself or the Kin necessarily. But I'm doing it so that everyone in the kin has a shot at these items without having to go through asking officers and members to check the kin chests, and mail items or find and trade items from there. Also, for me this is more comforting to know that the items aren't in the Kin Chests and can't be stolen.

The items I'm selling are my own.

So please be sure to check the Kin Auctions from here on out. I won't always have 30 items listed as Kin Only, but I'll try to keep stuff in there. :D

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Kin Auctions
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