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Quote :
Unlike many games whose thief/rogue classes involve dealing heavy DPS from behind with backstabs, the burglar of LotRO takes a more supportive role, instead focusing on making enemies weaker through debuffs and increasing the fellowship's efficiency as a whole through conjunctions.

Despite this, burglars still put out decent DPS, especially when traited to do so. Many abilities get bonuses when made from behind an enemy, so a burglar in a group should always attack from behind. The solo burglar can still take advantage of positional damage through the class's many stun abilities, allowing a short period of flanking. Burglars tend to focus on high critical hit rates, as they have a powerful chain of attacks unlocked upon dealing a critical hit.

Burglars, like the hunter and warden (and sometimes minstrel), wear medium armour. While this makes them more susceptible to damage than tanking classes, burglars do enjoy a bit of survivability and can make decent off-tanks when necessary, especially with the use of their two five-minute cooldown abilities than make them virtually untouchable for 30 seconds each. They also receive a 10-minute cooldown ability that allows them to drop all aggro if needed. A burglar who utilizes these abilities well will rarely find themselves defeated in combat.

Another of the burglar's strengths is crowd control. Burglar's have a toggle skill called "mischief" that allows them to put a daze on an enemy that lasts longer than the ability's cooldown. In addition to this, they possess the strongest traited crowd control skill in the game, Confound. Confound can be tricky to pull off, but, when traited, can daze up to 4 enemies at a time. This can make a large encounter very easy. The burglar's aforementioned stun attacks also fall into this category. A burglar's main stun attack lasts 8 seconds, making it one of the longest stuns available to any class. In addition, they receive consumable class items that can stun, incrementing in power as the burglar gains in level.

A burglar's debuffing abilities, known as 'tricks', are also very powerful. These range from reducing the amount of damage an enemy deals, to reducing an enemy's chance to avoid incoming attacks. Each of these tricks has a trait to make them more powerful. A burglar traited in the Gambler trait line also receives debuffing abilities, though they have a randomized factor to them. However, the Gambler set bonuses offer the best debuffs of any class (plus they stack!).

By far, though, a burglar's most useful asset while grouping is the ability to start a conjunction on command. A burglar has two 5-minute cooldown abilities to start conjunctions, a 15-minute cooldown consumable, and a legendary trait that all allow for a hefty increase in the number of executed fellowship maneuvers. Burglars have several abilities, traits, and even class items that further expand on the potency of fellowship maneuvers.

A burglar needs to focus on very few stats, and as such, is not very dependent on equipment to play his or her role effectively. The stats a burglar needs to focus on are agility and vitality, then might as an afterthought. Burglars seldom have problems with running out of power, and even then, fellowship maneuvers and potions are more than enough to counteract a lack of power, should it occur during a fight. They need agility both for high critical rates, which plays a large role in their combat style, and for evasion, the main form of mitigating damage when soloing. Might doesn't hurt to have, but agility will increase DPS more. If an item offers both, though, there's no harm in having more damage output. It's worth noting that a solo burglar will benefit from high vitality, while a burglar that often groups will likely want more agility.

A burglar, overall, is a class that really shines in both group situations as well as solo. They have enough survivability to keep them alive, add to the group's damage output and subtract from the incoming damage, can daze a nice amount of enemies, and also start conjunctions. While they won't top the DPS list, nor be the first choice to off-tank, there are few roles a burglar can't tackle effectively. All in all, they are a pretty solid and very unique class to play.

This was done by Damoc, but had to move it, couldn't just move the topic ;(


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