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 The Secret of Leveling, Nrel~ Style

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PostSubject: The Secret of Leveling, Nrel~ Style   The Secret of Leveling, Nrel~ Style Icon_minitimeSat Mar 19, 2011 5:41 am

Here's the start... to be added to later in the week

Yea, I level fast. Your point?

Okay, many in the kin have asked me to spill the beans on how I do it... Let me say now, this is how I level, I'm not expecting you all to follow this religiously or base everything off of this... this is just what I do. Also, I don't want you all to think leveling is the only thing LotRO can offer, the overall game experience is not just leveling, or you would be playing this in text format. Take it fast for your first I guess if you want, after that, take more time to enjoy the game!

LEVEL'S 1-20, the Easy Years...

Well, level's 1-6(or 7) are a given, just do the intro.
No matter what your class, race, anything is, you immediately after the tutorial have access to all the epic introductions starting in Little Delving (Shire), Archet (Bree), Thorin's Halls (Ered Luin 2), and Celondim (Ered Luin 1). It has been my experience that if you start by picking up all of these, do them up until they each reach the Prancing Pony in Bree, you will be about level 19 at this point. However, it has also been my experience that the Shire, surprisingly, is an easy, and quick way to get to level 21 or 22, just watch. So, after the tutorial, pick up the 4 epics, and grind them until Strider in the Prancing Pony! (A note: You will want to partition to what level of quests you pick up, I usually do in increments of 5, so If I'm lvl 7 leaving the tutorial, I'll quest in Bree until all the quests are lvl 10, then move on to The Shire, same thing, T Halls, and then Celondim depending on what race I am.)

LEVEL'S 21-30, Getting just a bit harder, maybe?

So, you've reached lvl 21, whether in the Shire, or just finishing up all those noob quests eh? Well, you have 45 more lvl's of PAIN to get through yet! Lvl's 21-30 are probably the easiest to level in, because they are spread over just a few areas... Bree, North Downs, and Lone Lands. I recommend, at lvl 21, to enter the Great Barrow Downs. SOme of you reading this are saying "But I Soloed that at lvl blah blah blah", After the 3.21.11 Update, it won't matter anymore... lvl 21 quests will give the same xp to a lvl 17 as they would to a 23! So please, trust me on this ;D So, get your kindred with Bree while in the Barrows, and then prepare to move on... Here's where it becomes harder, all people have the Lone Lands, but not all the North Downs. I always start the North Downs until I get fellowship quests in Trestlebridge, then I move on to the Forsaken Inn in the Lone Lands, and do all of those quests, and the same thing going on and on until I am done with the Lone Lands and finishing up the solo quests in Esteldin. For those who don't have the North Downs, it just means you have to do every quest given to ya! By the end of the Lone Lands, you will be 30-33, and 33-35 by the end of the Soloable quests in the North Downs. (A Note: The north downs contains many fellowship quests and I suggest not doing them unless you have hours to kill!)



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BTW, This guy's Crafting is Sm Woodworker, and S Forester, idk why it says that -_-
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The Secret of Leveling, Nrel~ Style
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